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Who We Are

NOHESION™ is a Southern California firm with decades of hands-on experience in heavy industry, chemical engineering and process improvement. Our solutions stem from a passion for safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Fueled by a challenge from the cement industry in 2019, Hesion Technologies® was asked to create a product and applicator that could revolutionize the cement industry.

The Challenge: Reduce excessive cost from concrete buildup in mixing drums. Build-up creates unnecessary downtime, underutilization, excessive cleaning and chipping costs, and premature mixing drum replacement. Improve the environmental impact from washouts.

The Old Process: After every trip, mixing drums are washed out from monthly to quarterly, the drums required manual removal of the excess build-up (aka chipping). Mixing drums are replaced approximately every five (5) years due to wear and tear and damage from chipping.

The Solution: Created through vigorous testing and engineering, SERUM® provided an environmentally safe coating that stopped build-up on working surfaces, preforming beyond expectation and answering The Challenge with spectacular results.

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